Women in Construction Paving the Way

Meet a few accomplished women who have beaten the odds and are helping pave the way for other women in the construction industry in this live conversation with a panel of talented women as they share their personal journey of overcoming barriers, how they’ve seen the industry change, and what leadership opportunities look like for women today.

Digging In: Construction Trends to Watch in 2022 – A Conversation With Dodge Data

Steve Jones, Senior Director, Industry Insights Research, Dodge Data dives into the biggest trends that will impact construction in 2022.  Topics covered in this webcast include: Biggest challenges facing the industry in 2022, Predicting technology trends, What metrics you should focus on, and Overall outlook for 2022.

The Cybersecurity Brief: A Conversation With Our Experts

Join our Trimble Viewpoint security experts Ryan Johnson, Director of Cybersecurity and Eric Vasbinder, Strategic Manager Customer Digitization for this informative webinar as they discuss key learnings from some of the biggest cybersecurity attacks from this year, best practices for protecting your company, and what’s new and coming from Trimble Viewpoint in the way of security.

Digging In: Discover How Tech Can Help Your Business Grow

Join product expert Daniel Griffith  for a discussion of common accounting and project management struggles that not only stall growth but also create serious inefficiency and vulnerability issues that could place your construction business at risk. He’ll share how you can use technology to break free from these headaches and unlock your business growth.

Cybersecurity in Construction: How to Stay One Step Ahead of Cybercriminals

This one-hour webinar features a special guest speaker, Bryce Austin, cybersecurity expert and best-selling author, who will be joined by Viewpoint’s Eric Vasbinder, Sr. Product Manager for ERP Cloud & Platforms. They will discuss recent developments in cloud computing and cloud security, how to best evaluate your cloud providers to find the right fit for you, and how to maximize the ROI for your organization’s use of technology.